About Me

I’m Aia. 24. I am cheesy and basic. (And that’s okay.)


I like: DIY things, letters, mixtapes (or cds, whatever), cake, tea, Scrabble, good food, big conversations, comfortable silence, Disney, books, Harry Potter, romcoms, and musicals.

I also like magic — the little moments that eventually turn into big ones. I believe in the little things, and the possibility that they can turn into something great. And that’s basically what my blog is all about, the little things that all come together to make our own little worlds just a little bit richer. That’s the way we get by.


Something you might ask: “Why are you in a wheelchair?”  — I got into a car accident when I was 14, but if you want to know the whole story you can read it here. I promise it’s not that sappy.



  1. Hi Aia 🙂

    I’ve been reading your Tumblr for a year or two and I must say that you’re an inspiration. I hope you keep on blogging either on Tumblr or on WordPress.

    I love your review on The Spectacular Now. I haven’t read it, by reading what you feel about it, I feel like I’m going to love the book. I hope you don’t mind recommending a few books that you love. Or do you have a Goodreads account, so it’d be easier for me to stalk you haha kidding!

    Anyway, I hope this email is not bothering you at all. Wish you a happy day, miss! Keep on shining 🙂

    All the way from Malaysia

  2. I am inlove with each and every one of your post. Your words constantly hit home for me. Whenever I read them, it feels like wrapping a blanket around myself on a cold saturday evening, like finding a familiar face a sea of strangers. So thank you for daring to share a piece of you to the rest of us

    Much love,

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