Where Our Food Comes From and Other Documentaries

For the past few months I’ve been watching loads of documentaries about food, health, and the environment because I wanted answers to a simple question: “Where does our food come from?” I then stumbled upon these documentaries, one after the other, and I wanted to share some of them with you guys. Mostly because when I watched these, I was offended that it wasn’t public knowledge. Or if it was, everyone was just ignoring it. If anything, I hope this list of documentaries enlightens you like it enlightened me.

1. Food Inc. (2008) – Answers the basics of where our food comes from. It’s a good starter film for general food industry information.

2. Fed Up (2014) – It’s not your fault. We’re all being lied to about our food.

3. Forks Over Knives (2010) – “Let food be thy medicine.” It’s ridiculous how we’re programmed to think that specific foods are healthy, but they’re really not. Super informative.

4. Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret (2014) – My #1 SHOOKT documentary. I had to re-evaluate my life and my choices after watching this. It’s about where our favorite food (meat) comes from and how it’s affecting the planet. For me this is the real inconvenient truth.

5. Food Matters (2008) – You are what you eat. Touches a little bit on the pharmaceutical industry and how we’re so dependent on it.

6. Hungry For Change (2008) – Why your “diet” isn’t working. Because, again, we’re being lied to about our food.

7. That Sugar Film (2014) – Basically it’s like “Super Size Me” but about sugar. Sugar is the main drug we can’t quit. It’s in everything.

8. Earthlings (2005) – Not necessarily a food documentary, but it kind of is because it shows what we do to our fellow earthlings for food, clothes, bags, etc. It just brings everything home. How we’re all connected and how we should take care of each other more, and be kinder to one another. “Unity” is also a great film about just being one with the world.

Runner-up: Before The Flood (2016) is a great documentary about global warming if you’re into that. And you should be. It’s not food-related, but I just wanted to put it out there.

Honestly, even after watching these, I can’t say that I’m a 100% changed person, but being informed about these things has helped me make better choices about food and how they affect the planet. I’ll get into that in a separate post.

Some of these are on YouTube or Netflix, random places online. This isn’t in any particular order, so just watch whatever you feel like watching. I hope you find time to watch all of them because I think it’s important. If you have some documentaries like this, please do share! I’d love to watch them. Enjoy!

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