Here’s What We’re Gonna Do

My blog was recently suspended due to inactivity, which is 100% valid. I rarely post anymore. The most I’ve done is once a month. It sucks. So now I have to post at least once a week so I can keep my domain. And I’d really like to keep it because I love having a space of my own on the internet, even if I only post once a month. Now that I’m required to post more, I’m thinking of going back to the “xanga” type of blogging, which is essentially just blogging about my day even if it’s uninteresting and no one cares about it. I’ve always wanted to go back and do that, but I never really got around to it. I’ve also had this nifty app on my phone for a while called “Grid Diary” which I haven’t used even once. It’s great because it has daily journal prompts, and I now have a reason to actually answer them.

I’ve always said that writing isn’t really my thing, but I actually like expressing myself in this format. I’m not great at it, but I like doing it because most of the time it’s like I’m explaining things to myself. It’s just a bonus when I get other people to like it and relate to it. These days I’m not really good with words, so I’m glad I’m kind of required to write stuff at least once a week now because I’d like to practice. I’d like to practice explaining why I like what I like and why I feel what I feel, because these days I settle for gifs and 140 characters and sometimes it’s not enough.

I’m really excited about this. I’m going to keep this up. I’m rooting for myself.


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