what am i for

In our online writing class we were introduced to a poem called “Silver-Lined Heart” by Taylor Mali. It’s a beautiful poem about what inspires and fulfills you. We were then asked to write our own version of it and write about what we were for. I wouldn’t exactly call this a poem just because I changed the structure, but I really enjoyed writing it and that doesn’t happen very often anymore.

i’m for feelings
anger, frustration, sadness
but also love, warmth, and joy.
for having the vulnerability to
let yourself feel and not
lose yourself completely.
for finding yourself
somewhere in there
and knowing that
it’s okay if you don’t.

i’m for mixtapes / cds / playlists
for soul-bearing stories
that can only be told
through 3-minute songs.
for music that moves
and saves you
whenever you need it to.

i’m for lazy days
doing absolutely nothing
but lay in bed alone and read
pages and pages of how wonderful
it is to hold someone’s hand
and have adventures of a lifetime
together and then apart

i’m for movies, tv shows,
and fictional characters
that somehow change your life
without any warning whatsoever.
maybe it’s because you’re them
or they’re you
either way it’s ridiculous
and that’s okay because
they’re not real anyway.

i’m for schedules and itineraries
doing things intentionally
with room for mistakes.
i’m for spontaneity but only
when i’ve scheduled to do so
or when the universe wills it
and i don’t really have a choice.

i’m for notebooks you buy
and never write on.
i’m for the possibility of
filling them up with
drawings and stories
even if you never do.
it’s nice to have them
— just in case.

i’m for wine nights
and afternoon teas.
comfortable silences
and 3am pity parties.

i’m for new people.
having strong connections
that aren’t based on
shared history or
who you were
100 years ago.

i’m for learning
more about the world
and fighting for what
you believe in.
for learning how to
listen, be brave
and be kind.

i’m for 20 seconds of courage
and putting yourself out there
even if it turns to shit.
because you never know
until you try.

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